Thursday, September 11, 2008

Isn't art supposed to be messy?

I was perusing the art supplies at our local Supercenter the other day, and I noticed the growing number of "mess-free" items for sale. The markers that only work on special paper have been on the market for a while, but that day I saw "mess-free" fingerpaint. Wait a minute--isn't that going too far?

I mean, isn't art supposed to be messy? Look at the masterworks of the greatest artists of all time--can you imagine what Monet's Nymphéas would look like if his mother had given him "mess-free" art supplies to play with? I bet Van Gogh made a huge mess before he was done with Starry Night.

I'm not an expert, but many of you are--what do you think? Are clean hands really worth it?


Teresa said...

The messier the better! We have an art table just so the kids can make a mess if they would like to. At the art table, they wear clothes that can get messy!

There is a time and a place for those mess free art supplies - like church or the car :)

Tara said...

Art isn't as much fun if it isn't messy! lol Not to mention, artists are generally messier people. (well....disorganized at least) I think it kind of works with the whole creative process. Let em make a mess and be creative with no boundaries!!!!

Donna said...

I agree! Yes! Art is a messy process. I tend not to buy the special "only works together" stuff because:

1- It's more expensive, and I'd rather spend my art budget on real art supplies

2- I want my kids to learn the "real" effects of their experimental strokes...when the marker goes off the page, it will leave a mark!

We just use basic supplies in the car: paper and crayons. And if my kids arrive somewhere looking like a Picasso canvas, that's what childhood is all about!