Saturday, December 6, 2008

Apparently, I don't hate baking, and Happy Feast of St. Nicolas!

We had some friends over yesterday to decorate gingerbread cookies, and it was a fun-filled morning that was also full of sprinkles, candies, snowy-white frosting. It was one of the mornings where we had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures...sorry about that.

After everyone left, however, I went a little crazy and decorated the remaining cookies to take to church tonight for the kids to enjoy while the adults have a progressive dinner party. You know what? It was fun. I really dreaded it, but I had the best time. I felt so creative and, well, capable. That's not a feeling I usually get from handling a pastry bag. So, here are the results:

Now, why the gingerbread? you may be asking. Today, December 6th, is the Feast of St. Nicolas, and children all over Europe are exchanging gingerbread cookies in honor of the Saint who loved the spicy little morsels so much that he gave them to people wherever he went. In return, St. Nicolas the modern-day legend is filling their shoes with candy and presents. Beware, however, of Père Fouettard (Father Whipper), St. Nick's counterpart who travels with him carrying a bundle of switches for the not-so-nice children. And you thought threatening kids with coal in their stocking was effective!

So...take some time to be generous today! Whether it be cookies or simply your time, St. Nick's legacy is that of giving of oneself to others. Have a great day!


Donna said...

The gingerbread decorating was so much fun!

I mostly posted a comment so I could be the 1 people who commented today...until the next person comments. By the time you get a third comment, this comment will make no sense whatsover...I'm rambling, I know. Sorry about that!

Happy St. Nick's Day!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Donna, you're good people. :) But now, indeed, there are two people commenting, so I guess the joke is over.

If this is an effective way to get people to comment on my blog, maybe I should come up with a few more grammatical oddities!