Monday, May 11, 2009

Kitchen Tips at Motley Moms

We didn't plan it this way, but on Motley Moms today Pam posted her amazing recipe for blueberry muffins and tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be posting instructions for making a rustic tart. With the fresh fruits of summer just waiting to burst into the markets you do not want to miss these great ideas for preparing them! :)

PS: I should probably mention that my rustic tart is easy and virtually fool-proof, which is why I am able to do it considering my baking tendencies!


Pam said...

So funny - I really do think it is your oven. I couldn't believe our blogs were both about food. I guess great minds really do think alike :)

Tara said...

Just to say this again.....that tart looks SO GOOD! I love this time of year when the good produce comes out. I might actually make an attempt at making the tart.

On another note.....blueberries are so expensive!!!! Have you noticed the prices????