Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In the Kitchen--Organization

What I find to be the biggest hurdle to organizing my kitchen is not the cubic footage of the cabinets, but the surface area available in the cabinets.

I add shelving layers whenever possible to my cabinets (it is much easier to remove plates, bowls, and glasses this way):

I organized my bake ware and cookware in one cabinet using two chrome adjustable shelves:

My laundry area is actually a closet in my kitchen with the plastic-coated wire rack style of shelving. Before, I had to stack everything, and it always ended in an avalanche of foil and plastic containers. I took some pieces of the cubic closet organizer I have in another room and repurposed it to hold my boxes. (Instead of using the clips that came with organizer for the shelves in the middle I used cable ties to hold everything together.)

(By the way--I'm not a Ziploc hoarder nor am I an employee of the Ziploc company! I'm storing all of those bags for our Once A Month Cooking group!)

This is what works for me! How do you organize your kitchen?

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Lynn said...

I use those shelves too. They work great. I have different sizes for different places. You cupboards look nice and neat.

Wildwood Mama said...

Great idea! Your shelves and cupboards are pretty and organized!

Rachel said...

I'm going to be VERY honest--my cabinets really ARE like that all of the time. I didn't move a thing--I opened the doors and took the pictures. Now, the rest of my home is a totally different story...They don't make plastic shelves big enough to handle it! ;)

Thanks for visiting today!

Nikki said...

I like those shelves. I will have to keep an eye out for some.

Sisters Savings said...

Those shelves are great! I definitely need to go out and get some!

fruitfulwords said...

Thanks for sharing your system and posting the pix to show us what it all looks like.

I need some help with the shelves for cookware. I thinbk your idea will help.