Tuesday, August 19, 2008

100 Things about me--20 more...

1-20 are here, and 21-40 are here.

41. I start my Christmas shopping in July.
42. The last song I downloaded was "These Are the Days" by 10,000 Maniacs.
43. I think foie gras is repulsive and I refuse to eat it ever again.
44. I like being in my 30's--I think it's the best decade I've had so far.
45. My first college major was Pre-Med.
46. My BA is in French with a minor in English. (I changed my mind.)
47. I frequently quote things I hear on the Food Network.
48. I'm not so fond of heights.
49. I have never been to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I've been to the bottom several times, but never the top.
50. I have been in 23 US states.
51. I never have ice--I just don't use it. When my Mom (who loves ice) comes to visit she has to freeze water in paper cups because I'm using my ice-maker to store frozen vegetables!
52. I obsessively check my e-mail. I don't always respond right away, but I usually read messages as soon as they arrive!
53. My first cat's name was Bubbles.
54. I had the same phone number for the first twenty-something years of my life even though we moved, and my parents still have that same number.
55. Our first house was a log cabin that my parents built themselves.
56. I collect Cinderella memorabilia.
57. I once spent double the price for a Cinderella ornament on E-Bay that I failed to buy in the store before it was out of stock.
58. I now buy the majority of the Hallmark ornaments I collect by October, and many of them in July when they debut. (yes, I'm one of those people)
59. I drink coffee every morning.
60. I find the flavored coffee creamers to be addictive, and I have to limit how much I keep in the house!


Donna said...

I love reading your 100 list...fascinating! Some of these things have just never come up in conversation, so I had no idea how much you dislike ice! I'll try to remember that for future reference!

And pre-med??? Wow, girl! You're full of surprises! ;)


Rachel said...

Glad you enjoy it! You're right--I can never seem to squeeze the foie gras thing into conversation.

Do you have a 100 list, Donna? I would love to see it! I bet you have a few surprises yourself!

Teresa said...

I can remember my parents dreaming of building a log cabin house! I would love to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love reading these. It brings back so many memories!! I do agree with you on "you in your 30's." Tenille and I were just talking about how great you look and happy you seem to be not too long ago. Tara

2SassyBritchesMommy said...

Well I can't find you on myspace,..Help? I like reading your 100 list pretty cool, well when you find your fav granola recipe i will share my granola bar recipe!!