Tuesday, August 5, 2008

100 Things About Me--the first 20

I am new to blogging, so I thought I would start with an introduction. Here are 20 things that you may be interested to know about me (more to come later):

1. I was born in rural Kentucky (and yes, I was born in a hospital).
2. My DH and I just celebrated our six-year anniversary.
3. We have an almost-two-year-old son, our Little Guy (LG).
4. I have a sister and an almost-three-year-old nephew.
5. I was once almost arrested for taking a picture of the US embassy in Paris. (OK, maybe not arrested, but they did threaten to take my camera away and I talked my way out of it.)
6. I am probably one of the only people in the world who has a picture of the US embassy in Paris.
7. I love to read cozy mysteries.
8. I actually email companies questions about their products.
9. I was a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority in college.
10. I was a cheerleader in high school.
11. I have visited five countries other than the US.
12. I collect Christmas Ornaments.
13. I once drove to Canada to buy a specific candy bar (we visited Niagara Falls while we were there).
14. I like giant insect movies.
15. As a child I helped my aunt and uncle strip tobacco in the winter. (They paid me a quarter!)
16. I plan many of our vacations and trips around places I hear about on the Food Network.
17. I am slightly obsessed with ice cream.
18. I took gymnastics as a kid, but I was never able to do anything spectacular because I was afraid to go backwards.
19. I'm a Fly Baby. (FlyLady)
20. I prefer Coca Cola to Pepsi.

To be continued...


Donna said...

Wow! You definitely make it into my "Quirky Friends" group!!! :-D Of course, I'm in the same category for reasons of my own, but I'm right there with you on the Coca Cola vs. Pepsi debate, the ice cream obsession, and several others!
You should post the picture of the embassy here...I'm sure no one would mind...

Rachel said...

Yeah, I toyed with the idea of posting the picture, but you know, national security and all...I decided it wasn't a great idea.