Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Thought of the Day

What about a new Olympic sport? It's called Toddler Dressing. The first mom to chase her toddler around the house, catch him, possibly wrestle him for a minute, and get him completely dressed to the shoes gets the gold. Bonus points for the mom who can squeeze in a diaper change.


Teresa said...

It's nice to know that it is not just me! Changing a diaper, getting dressed, putting on shoes - all of these take all of my energy, and my son is still full of energy when we are done!

Donna said...

I'm with ya girl! It's a beautiful thing when they can dress themselves, and totally worth the embarrassment of showing up with the kid in the worst combination of clothes a person could possibly put together...I really don't care and secretly think it's cute!

Blue rubber boots, Lightning McQueen bathing suit shorts, and a white button-up dress shirt? Great!

Mismatched socks pulled up to the knee, sandals, and the shortest high-water shorts he could find in the back of his drawer? Fine! Get in the car...and buckle yourself in!

It was a sweet day when I no longer had to haul him into the carseat!

Ahh, independence! The hard part is that my toddler wants to be just as independent as her big brother, but she isn't quite capable yet...this is what tries my patience!